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March 2011 15th Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Date: 2019-01-16
Number of visits: 13

The 15th Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2011

Time: 9 -11 March 2011

Location: Pazhou Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair

Organizer: China Foreign Trade Center (Group) (Canton Fair Exhibition Company)

Frankfurt exhibition co., Germany

Guangdong Automation Society Guangzhou Automation Society

Co-organizer: Fenghua Pneumatic Industry Association of Guangzhou Instrument and Meter Association

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Branch of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society

Support unit: Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Association, Automation Society of South-Central Six Provinces (Regions)

Organizer: China foreign trade Guangzhou exhibition corporation Germany meisaigao Frankfurt exhibition co., ltd

The biggest characteristics of SIAF in 2011 are:

★ 100,000 square meters of industrial pageant gathering in Guangzhou;

★ Germany's SPS, the world's largest automation exhibition, will join in with all its strength and provide the most abundant resources for buyers at home and abroad.

★ Frankfurt, Germany, and Canton Fair Exhibition Company, the most powerful exhibition company, are jointly building it.

★ Strong media publicity at home and abroad, the most influential publicity channel;

★ At present, China's largest professional exhibition with the most advantageous price.

★ The best choice to learn the latest trend of industrial development and expand your distribution channels.

Full support from exhibitors and organizers: 2011 high-quality forum and fair:

European Sensor Technology Association High-Level Government Forum

American Transmission Association Rail Transit Forum

Sun Youxian, Taiwan's Electrical and Electronic Trade Union-Research Project of Automation for Major National Projects

Taiwan Robot Association MCA Transmission Association Organization Transmission Forum

Japan Robot Association European Sensor Technology Forum

China Gear Association Industrial Robot Forum

Intelligent Building Forum Glass Enterprises and Automation Enterprises Fair

A Fair for Auto Enterprises and Robot Enterprises

High-quality buyers visiting group:

Large enterprises: Guangzhou Petrochemical, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Southern Power Grid, Guangzhou Metro, Yangcheng Railway, Guangzhou Shipbuilding, Guangzhou Steel, Maoming Petrochemical, etc.  Industry: Ceramics, Printing and Packaging, Textile, Medicine, Automobile Manufacturing, Rubber and Plastic, Chemical Industry, Rail Transit, Energy Production, Electronics, etc

The exhibition was supported and attended by many leading enterprises, including Siemens, guangzhou cnc, Hechun, Bonner, Beifu, Baomeng, Yadi, Heyouxun, Kubler, Luntz, Loyette, Phoenix, Shandian Electric, Shimeisai, Schalke, Danaher, Guangyang and Turk.

Comments of Participating Enterprises on SIAF2010

Siemens, a world-renowned industrial automation giant, displayed the latest industrial automation systems and technologies of the group with its largest booth. Benjamin Schroeder, general manager of the marketing department, said: 'we firmly believe that this exhibition can provide the requirements for the automation and drive technology markets in the pearl river delta and the peripheral regions. therefore, we are very proud of this exhibition.  With the theme of 'innovation promotes productivity', the booth focuses on promoting energy saving and safety applications.  The flow of visitors to the exhibition and the quality of the audience are both very high. Our booth is very busy and our business is booming. We are constantly answering inquiries from new and old customers.  」

Ms. Zheng Shuai of Turk (Tianjin) Sensor Co., Ltd. said: 'This is the first professional industrial automation exhibition in the whole year. Sincere buyers will come. Therefore, it is an ideal platform to introduce our latest LI series of linear displacement sensors.  In terms of the many exhibitions we attend every year, this exhibition has achieved one of the best results.  」

Mr. Chen Qizhong, senior sales engineer of guangzhou cnc Equipment Co., Ltd., said: 'The company will do a good job in automation system control, including servo motors, drive systems, etc.  In terms of industrial robots, automation and robot development are inseparable, and the company will focus on developing this field.  The popularity of this exhibition is relatively high, and I am very satisfied with the exhibition service.  」

Mr. Guo menghua, manager of technical support department of laoyi electronic trading (Shenzhen) co., ltd., said: 'I feel that this year's flow of people has increased compared with previous years, and we feel that there are more and more professional people.  」

Miss Chaganchana, assistant deputy general manager of Luntz (Shanghai) Transmission System Co., Ltd., said: 'SIAF is aimed at professional industrial users, so it is an ideal place to introduce our latest 8400 Highline inverter.  At the same time, it can also let customers and partners know that we have set up a new office in Shenzhen.  」

'We come here every year and think this exhibition is the largest in South China,' said Cai Zhuoer, marketing manager of Bonner Engineering International Limited.  Organizers of the exhibition are also doing better and better. We feel that the service of exhibitors and the invitation of key buyers are becoming more and more professional year by year.  」

Exhibit scope:

Industrial automation: (production and process automation) assembly and handling system/linear positioning system/industrial image processing system/control system, PLC, SCADA/ sensors and actuators/industrial computer communication, network and field bus system/embedded system/measurement and test system/industrial automation data acquisition and identification system/laser technology/automation service/non-standard automation equipment/electronic automation assembly equipment/air pressure technology and equipment

Electrical systems: transformers, batteries and uninterruptible power supplies/servo motors, stepping motors, motors and frequency converters, etc./drives, mechanical drive systems/wire and cable accessories/electrical switching devices and equipment for electrical control systems/electricians and optoelectronic components/electrical electrician testing and testing equipment

Robot Technology: Industrial Robot/Service Robot/Robot Simulation and Vision System/Related Machines, Devices and Parts

Industrial Automation Information Technology and Software: Factory Integrated Management Software/Industrial IT Software/Industrial Basic System and Development Tools/Factory Production Software/Industrial Internet/Intranet/Intranet Solution/Service

Microsystem technology: microsystem components/modules microsystem/microsensor/microactuator/micro optics and fiber optics/microassembly/micro connection technology/micro reaction technology/microsystem design and modeling/micro engineering/rapid micro product development/micro technology/other microsystem technology

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