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Performance Comparison of Throttle Differential Pressure Flowmeter and Vortex Flowmeter

Date: 2019-03-19
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Performance Comparison between Throttle Differential Pressure Flowmeter and Vortex Flowmeter;

I. Vortex street flowmeter has the following advantages over throttling differential pressure flowmeter:

1. The structure is simple, firm and convenient to install and maintain.  There is no need for a pressure guide pipe, a three-valve set, etc. to reduce leakage, blockage, freezing, etc.

2. The accuracy is relatively high, generally (1 ~ 1.5)% r.

3. The measuring range is wide, the caliber is reasonably determined, and the range can reach 20:1.

4. The pressure loss is small, about 1/4 ~ 1/2 of throttling differential pressure flowmeter.

5. Output pulse signal proportional to flow rate without zero drift.

6. Within a certain Reynolds number range, the output frequency is not affected by the physical properties (density, viscosity) and composition of the fluid, i.e. the instrument coefficient is only related to the shape and size of vortex generator and pipeline.

II. Limitations of Vortex Flowmeter:

1. It is sensitive to mechanical vibration of pipelines and is not suitable for places with strong vibration.

2. The larger the caliber, the lower the resolution. Generally, the flowmeter is used under DN400 when the pipe is full.

3. When the fluid temperature is too high, the sensor is still difficult, generally the fluid temperature ≤420℃.

4. When the fluid has pressure pulsation or flow pulsation, the indication value is on the high side with great influence, so it is not suitable for pulsating flow.

Three, throttling differential pressure flowmeter advantages:

1. The standard orifice plate structure in throttling differential pressure flowmeter is easy to duplicate, simple and firm, stable and reliable in performance and low in price.  It can be used without real flow calibration, which is rare in flowmeter.

2. Wide application range.  It is suitable for all single-phase fluids and can also measure some mixed-phase flows, such as gas-solid, vapor-liquid and solid-liquid.

3. High temperature, high pressure, large caliber and small flow are applicable.

4. It is insensitive to vibration and has excellent anti-interference ability.

IV. Limitations of Throttle Differential Pressure Flowmeter:

1. Measurement accuracy is of medium level in flowmeter.  Due to the complicated influence of many factors, it is difficult to improve the accuracy.

2. The range is narrow. As the relationship between instrument signal (differential pressure) and flow rate is square, the general range is only 3: 1 ~ 4: 1.

3. The site installation conditions require high requirements, and it is generally difficult to meet the requirements for long straight pipe sections (orifice plates and nozzles).

4. The pressure introduction pipeline between throttling device and differential pressure display instrument is a weak link, which is prone to leakage, blockage, freezing, signal distortion and other faults.

5. Although the integrated throttle differential pressure flowmeter developed in recent years still has a pilot line, its length is less than 1m, thus reducing the defects in this respect.

6. Large pressure loss (orifice plate and nozzle).

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