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Overview of High Precision Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Date: 2019-03-19
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The measurement of the high-precision ultrasonic flowmeter developed and produced by Guangzhou ultrasonic flowmeter manufacturer in Guangdong does not touch liquid at all, and it is not necessary to interrupt the measured process or cut off the pipeline.  The high precision ultrasonic flowmeter has no moving parts, low maintenance cost and long service life.  Large measurable flow range and good long-term stability;  The additional flow resistance to the fluid is extremely low, and the operation energy of industrial system equipment is saved;  This high-precision ultrasonic flowmeter has obvious advantages over electromagnetic flowmeter in corrosive liquid, ultra-pure water, non-conductive liquid and other applications.

Although the ultrasonic flowmeter only appeared in the 1970s, it is a flowmeter with great development prospects because it can be made into a non-contact type and can be linked with an ultrasonic water level gauge to measure the open flow rate without causing disturbance and resistance to the fluid.

This high-precision ultrasonic flowmeter is designed based on the principle that the velocity of ultrasonic wave propagating in flowing medium is equal to the geometric sum of the average velocity of the measured medium and the velocity of the acoustic wave itself.  It also reflects the flow rate by measuring the flow rate.

Classification of High Precision Ultrasonic Flowmeters;

1 Doppler high precision ultrasonic flowmeter:

The transducer 1 emits ultrasonic signals with a frequency f1. After passing through suspended particles or bubbles in the liquid in the pipeline, the frequency shifts and is reflected to the transducer 2 at the frequency f2. This is the Doppler shift, and the difference between f2 and f1 is the Doppler frequency difference fd.  Let the fluid velocity be V, the ultrasonic velocity be C, and the Doppler frequency shift fd is proportional to the fluid velocity V.  When the pipeline conditions, transducer installation location, emission frequency and sound speed are determined, C, f1 and θ are constants, and the fluid flow rate is proportional to the Doppler frequency shift. The fluid flow rate can be obtained by measuring the frequency shift, and then the fluid flow rate can be obtained.

2 Time difference type high precision ultrasonic flowmeter:

The principle that the time difference between the forward and reverse flow propagation of sound waves in a fluid is proportional to the flow rate of the fluid is used to measure the flow rate of the fluid.

Selection of High Precision Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Attention should be paid to the following aspects in the purchase of high-precision ultrasonic flowmeter:

Media: that is, what you want to measure and some of its data, such as viscosity, etc.

Specifications: Size of pipe diameter

Range: initial flow and maximum flow

Connection mode: according to the caliber selection, there are two types of thread and flange, and flange clamping

Transmission signal: field display, pulse, 4-20mA

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