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Experience Investigation of Installing Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Date: 2019-03-19
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Some troubleshooting (experience) of ultrasonic flowmeter during field application:

1. when f: nanm3/h appears on the LCD of the display screen

T: Nanm3 is caused by abnormal power-on (loose power cord), and normal operation can be realized after power-on again.

2. When only T: 99999999.999 appears on the LCD of the display screen, it is caused by an upgrade software error, and the correct file can be upgraded again to run normally.

3. when the screen LCD stops showing Photime

When Ver_0327 is used, 'Ver_0327' is the display version, because the upper computer is not turned off. If the upper computer is turned off, it can operate normally after being powered on again.

4. When the upper computer opens the software PT-SCAN and connects to the lower computer, one card for one card or cannot connect. The problem is caused by too long RS232 extension line or poor contact. Select the appropriate extension line.

5. Use the keyboard to restore Master Erase (factory settings). After checking and configuring the settings, Run State appears: flow_cf_err (flow output setting error) and chan_calib_err (correction error). Connect the upper computer. After checking, there is no configuration error. The phenomenon will be eliminated when the power is turned off for a period of time.

6. Theoretically, generally pipes with a diameter of less than 150MM can be installed in V-shape, and W-shape can be considered when the diameter is less than 75MM and the signal is good (the signal strength is greater than 600), and Z-shape can be considered when the diameter is greater than 150MM or the diameter is greater than 100 and the signal is poor.

Note: More domestic and foreign common ultrasonic flowmeter installation, measurement and control troubleshooting technical issues can be consulted with customer service.

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