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How to Deal with Signal Problems in the Use of Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Date: 2019-03-19
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I believe all those who have used electromagnetic flowmeter know that the performance of this instrument is very good and basically there will be no problems in the process of using it.  Compared with other measuring instruments, electromagnetic flowmeter has a wider application range and superior product performance. As long as you use electromagnetic flowmeter correctly, there is usually no problem. When you use electromagnetic flowmeter, you may consider the most signal problem.

Let me give you some solutions to the electromagnetic flow signal problem:

1. Check whether the pipe is too close to the wall and whether the diameter of some inclined pipes is in accordance with the probe. If it is installed horizontally, it is not necessary to install the probe. Installing the probe can help the electromagnetic flowmeter to receive signals and improve its measurement accuracy.  When installing the probe, pay attention to the method, preferably Z method.

2. Check whether there is fluid in the pipeline. The amount of fluid has certain influence on the measurement signal of the electromagnetic flowmeter. After checking, everyone polish the tight part of the pipeline, and it is better to smear some coupling agent. This will make it easier to install the probe and facilitate the normal measurement of the electromagnetic flowmeter.

3. If it is found that the electromagnetic flowmeter cannot receive signals, it can move the probe slightly and slowly near the installation point, which can help me find the maximum signal point and effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt on the inner wall of the pipeline from affecting the reception of electromagnetic flowmeter signals.  Most of the time, the electromagnetic flowmeter cannot receive the signal, because too much scaling on the inner wall of the pipeline causes the ultrasonic wave to be blocked during reflection, thus causing the electromagnetic flowmeter to miss the strongest point of the signal and not receive the signal.

4. If it is found in the process of inspection that the scale in the pipeline is indeed serious, the method of beating can be adopted to beat off the scale.  However, during the beating process, do not let the inner wall produce gaps, otherwise signals may flow away through these gaps, resulting in electromagnetic flowmeter unable to receive signals.

These are some of the reasons why electromagnetic flow meters have signal problems. We can take relative measures to solve these problems.  It is suggested that before using electromagnetic flowmeter, it is best to check the pipeline first. Most of the time, the failure of electromagnetic flowmeter is due to large or small problems in the pipeline.

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