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Our company is one of the mainstream manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta region that focus on research, development and production of high-quality flow devices. It has many national type verification certificates and manufacturing and production licenses for flowmeter instruments, and has many liquid and gas flow calibration systems that have passed provincial measurement certification.  Strictly abide by IS9001:2008 quality management system certification, and have a complete factory calibration inspection system and equipment, to ensure the quality of each product factory.

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In the spirit of 'high quality, excellent service and development', our company solemnly promises to you with the concept of 'high quality products, reasonable price and considerate service' and the principles of responsibility and openness:

1. The products shall be issued with inspection certificates and proper instructions to ensure that the users can correctly install and use our products.

2. Our company guarantees that the products that leave the factory are produced and inspected according to relevant national standards, and unqualified products will never leave the factory.  Ensure that the three guarantees of the products are strictly fulfilled and honored, strictly implement the relevant regulations of the state on after-sales service of industrial products, and install the products within 18 months from the delivery date or within 12 months (whichever comes first). if the buyer can confirm that the products are correctly installed and used in accordance with the methods recommended by the company;  To be able to prove that the product itself has design, material or processing defects, and to submit a written application to the company, the company will recall the defective products free of charge for repair, replacement or full refund according to the order price.

3. Users raise quality objections to our products. The company guarantees to make handling opinions within 24 hours after receiving the objections raised by users.  If on-site settlement is required, professional and technical service personnel shall be dispatched and the service personnel shall not be evacuated until the quality problem is solved.  Our company will keep on file the product quality problems and handling results fed back by each user.

4. Under any circumstances, the Company will not bear labor, materials, equipment, engineering or other related associated costs caused by the repair and replacement of defective products.  The company's promise of after-sales service for this product can replace other express or implied forms of product quality guarantee, and can be regarded as the sole compensation of the buyer and the sole responsibility of the seller.

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